Experience a Home Away from Home at Cornerstone K9 – Where Your Pup Becomes Family! Whether we're off on an adventure or enjoying leisurely moments in our big backyard, your furball is not just a guest but an eager adventurer, basking in the love and boundless joy that defines our home.

Explore our services and rates tailored to fit your pup's needs. Contact us today, and set your mind at ease as you embark on your next adventure, knowing your furry family member is in the loving care of Cornerstone K9.

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Welcome to a place where tails wag with joy and hearts find comfort – your dog's home away from home! We recognize the special connection you have with your furry companion, and we're dedicated to spoiling them with the love and affection they truly deserve.
We go above and beyond getting to know each pup’s personality, loving them each in their individual way. We take daily walks, have cozy beds and plenty of play time. Experience peace of mind while you’re away, book your good dogs stay today!

  • Up to date immunizations required.
  • Must get along well with kids and other dogs.


$49 / Day

Additional Dog

$39 / Day

W/ Training

$69 / Day

10+ days receives 10% off

We administer Medication with no an additional fee.


Does your furry friend need a little guidance? Unlock the full potential of your four-legged friend with Cornerstone K9! Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, our training programs are designed to create a harmonious and enjoyable relationship between you and your canine companion.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a well-mannered and happy dog. Let's embark on this training journey together!


$45 / Session

Board and Train

$69 / Day

obedient dogs
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Puppy Boarding

Puppy Love Extravaganza! Recognizing the boundless energy of our furry friends, we've seamlessly integrated training into our daily routine. With personalized care, we cater to their every whim, forging strong bonds, enhancing their abilities, and embarking on exciting adventures. Our passion shines through, ensuring your pup returns home not just happy and healthy but also ready to heed your every command.


$69 / Day

Additional Dog

Price varies

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Day Care

Embark on a tail-wagging adventure at our exclusive doggy daycare – where trust meets love, and every moment is filled with joy, laughter, and newfound furry friendships for endless tail-chasing fun!
Unlock a world where trust, adventure, love, and comfort converge. Secure your dog's spot at Cornerstone K9– where every tail wag tells a story of happiness, and every bark resonates with the joy of a truly exceptional doggy daycare experience.

To provide quality care space is limited.

Half Day

$29 / less than 4 hours


$49 / Day


3+ days per week? Call for a discounted rate

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